• Admin
    Steps for enabling the copying output files to a network drive feature.

    1. Connect your Android device to a PC via USB.

    2. On your Android device swipe the drop down menu, and tap the Files button under USB connected.

    3. On your PC create a file called networkSettings.yml and enter the three lines as follows:

    NetworkDrivePath: smb://
    NetworkDriveUsername: username
    NetworkDrivePassword: password
    (Change the italicized entries to your network drive information)

    4. On your PC, find the Android device in the File Explorer. Navigate into the Bellus3D App folder (Path similar to: PC\BTV-W09\Internal storage\Bellus3d\FaceCamera\App) and put the networkSettings.yml file there.

    5. On your Android device, inside Internal Storage/Bellus3d/FaceCamera/App/userSettings.yml, change uploadToNetworkDrive: false to true.

    You are all set to go!

    To test the setting perform a normal scan and check your network drive for the output files.


    1. If you don’t know your network drive file path, use a free third party app like ES File Explorer.
    • To use ES File Explorer, Click the menu button which will open the drawer view. Click Network, and then Network again in that drop down menu. Scan for your network. Click it, and it will prompt you for your username and password. Find the file in which you want to output the data. Long press the file. Then at the bottom you will see options. Click More Click Properties then you will see two big buttons. Click Copy fullPath. Paste that into the network file path mentioned above.

    2. If you see “Failed to copy to network drive” after processing is complete of a scan, check your networkSettings.yml file for any mistakes.

    3. If you are having problems adding/viewing files on your Android device via USB please see this forum. The section is (Export 3D Face Model Files / Scanned Data Location)
  • Mike Suttie
    This is great, thanks guys - but I can't help but feel the example password should have been 'wubba lubbadubdub'

    Will there be any future support for sftp upload?
  • Mike Suttie
    Also if network access fails it appears to hang on 'Processing completed' is there an exception caught for a failed save ?
  • Admin
    we will look into that. Thanks for the bug report.
  • Alex P

    Hey Mike, I looked into your problem and the only way I was able to replicate that error was if my formatting was wrong in the networkSettings.yml . This can be caused by a random character on the file. We have changed how we read in the YML so the single quotes are no longer necessary(This may have been what caused the problem). Copy the above information and try again. (Your password change suggestion has been noted, and the issue resolved) The freezing on 'Processing Complete' bug will be changed in the next release. Thank you for reporting it! Let me know if this works!
  • Mike Suttie
    Cheers. Yes the quotes were causing the issue, looking at some of the other yml files I realised they may not be necessary.

    I managed to take full advantage of this feature for our application where access to a network is not always available. By setting up a virtual wifi connection on the Windows laptop we use for image processing, I was able to connect the tablet directly to it and access shared drive space directly. This essentially gives the Bellus camera direct 'wireless' connectivity to a Windows system which is great.
  • FourDeX
    Hello Mike. I do that by installing an FTP server on the Huawei and Syncback pro on the Windows end.
    I am currently testing Gdrive sync on Android and a Google drive folder on the windows end. Advantage of that is that you can have as many computers syncing that you like. But this does not work for China as they block Google.

    I would like to study your solution. Could you describe a "step-by-step" howto for the wifi drive sollution?
  • Mike Suttie
    So depending on the version of Windows you are using it is slightly different. Windows 10 has the ability to set up your system as a mobile hotspot, then just connect the M3 straight to it and access folders shared under the Windows file transfer protocol.

    If you're using Windows 7 then follow this guide to connect M3 to a system set up as a hotspot:
    -Open the Manage Wireless Networks window
    -Create an ad hoc network
    -Enter a name and passphrase for the network
    -Enable the “Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s Internet connection” if you want M3 to be able to use access the internet connection also.

    Next goto command prompt (with admin privileges!)
    Using netsh set up the network using the SSID (NAME) and passphrase you used to set up the adhoc network:
    netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid="<NAME>" key="<passphrase>"

    Then you need to broadcast the network by typing:

    netsh wlan start hostednetwork

    Then connect M3 to this network and you should be able to find any shared folders and access them directly using smb://IPADDRESS/folder. Host IP address is static using this method so path can be fixed into the networkSettings.yml

    Hope that makes sense (and hopefully I got it right!) It works like a charm for us, after the scan has processed it drops it straight into a shared folder on our Windows system.

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