• Alex P
    The printing company we generally use for 3D printing masks is Shapeways. They are reasonably priced(between $140 - $200) and they allow for Full Color Sandstone prints. So the following instructions will be what we do to make our models able to print via Shapeways.

    Things you will need:
    1. .obj
    2. .mtl
    3. texture map
    4. Blender or some other 3D model tool
    5. Image editor (Optional)

    1. Adjust the texture map as desired. You can use any image editor. (This is preferential and not required.) You can adjust the brightness and contrast to suit your needs.
    2. Import the mesh into Blender.
    3. Change the scale. By default, the scale is in millimeter, and is life sized. If you do not want it to be life sized, then adjust the scale.
    4. Add thickness. Shapeways requires at least a 3mm thickness to print in Full Color Sandstone. Please note, that minimum supported thickness will vary depending on what materials you decide to print with.
    5. (Optional) If you would like your model to be able to rest on a table and not wobble, crop the neck to make it flat.
    6. Export the model in proper file format. Shareways requires the models to be in .x3d format for Full Color Sandstone.
    7. Upload the .x3d file, and respective texture map to Shapeways. (Zip the .x3d and texture map into a single file).
    8. Select Model Unit as millimeter, and choose the desired material. (Above instructions are for Full Color Sandstone.)

    ** Please note that the color you see in the digital model, may not be identical to the color you see on your 3D printed mask. **
  • Gary Carter
    thank you for your reply, although i am talking about CNC router/mill machine - RELIEF cutting, from wood or metal not `3d printing`,,, the file i use is the .STL format ,,, but thanks again
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