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    November 23, 2017
    These are face models scanned by Bellus3D Face Camera. You can view them online and download obj, jpg, mtl and yml files for the geometry, texture map, material and landmarks of the face.


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    March 13, 2017
    Bellus3d Face Camera Installation and Usage Guide

    Quick Start
    • Installing the Bellus3D Face Camera App
    • Setting Up Bellus3D Face Camera
    • Using the Bellus3D Face Camera App
      > Start Scanning
      > Scan Preference
      > Browsing Scanned 3D Faces
      > How to Quit the App
    • Troubleshooting

    * Supported Device (Android only)
    Huawei M3 Tablet, Samsung S3 Tablet, Huawei Honor 8 phone, Samsung S7, S8 phone and Moto Z phone are the only device that are being supported for now

    1. Installing the Bellus3d Face Camera App
    Install Bellus3D Service App

    Install Bellus3D Face Camera App

    • First time using the Bellus3d Face Camera App
    1. Service app launches automatically when Bellus3D Camera is attached to the Android device. A pop-up window will appear if this is the first time using Bellus3D Camera, you could simply choose “Use by default for this USB device” twice to prevent this window from appearing.

    2. Grant File I/O and Camera Permissions, choose Allow as shown below

    2. Setting Up Bellus3d Face Camera
    • Mounting Bellus3d Face Camera
    >Use without the ring light (For Bellus3D Face Camera Pro)
    Put Bellus3d Face Camera Pro into the clip. Then clip directly onto the top middle part of your tablet. Make sure the camera is firmly attached and not blocking the tablet camera

    >Use with the ring light (For old Bellus3D Face Camera)
    1. Clip Bellus3d Face Camera onto the ring light (push in from behind)
    2. Clip the ring light to the top middle part of your tablet
    3. Make sure the camera is firmly attached and not blocking the tablet camera

    Recommended setup of Bellus3d face camera: Mount the Bellus3D face camera onto a tablet. Put them on a heavy duty tablet holder. The tablet needs to be tilted upward about 20 degrees, then the angle between the tablet and the horizontal plane is about 70 degrees which improves the quality of the chin area of face model. Adjust the height of the holder so that Bellus3d Camera and user's nose are the same height. Adjust the position of the holder so that the camera is roughly 30cm to 40cm away from the user's face.

    • Connecting Bellus3d Face Camera
    Plug in the Bellus3D camera then start Bellus3D Face Camera App.

    3. Using the Bellus3d Face Camera App

    • Start Scanning
    Plug in Bellus3D Face Camera.
    Start the Bellus3D Face Camera App.
    Wait until the message shows up "Press Button Below to Start Capturing", then you may press “SCAN FACE” to start scanning.

    • Scan Preference
    Distance to the camera: 30 cm or fit your face into the oval until it turns green
    Turning Speed: After count down 3 2 1, slowly turn your head from middle to left all the way to 90 degrees in about 3.5 seconds. Then turn to the right all the way to 90 degrees in about 8 seconds. Then back to the middle in about 3.5 seconds. The whole scan takes about 15 seconds.
    During the scan, please don’t change your expression.
    Take off your glasses and show your ears.

    • Browsing Scanned 3D Faces
    All the valid dataset would show up in Browse Faces page. If you haven’t capture any successful data sets, there will be a sample model in “Browse Face” page called "Bellus3D Inc.".
    Press the model row to view this 3d face model.
    Long press one data set, then press the trashcan button to delete chosen datasets

    • How to Quit the App (This is an example for Huawei M3 Tablet, different tablet has different way to quit the app)
    Swiping the Home button from left to right. Then:
    1. swipe the app on the screen from bottom to top
    2. tap the Trash can button to quit all the active app

    • Export 3D Face Model Files / Scanned Data Location
    1. Data sets are in this folder: Internal Storage/Bellus3d/FaceCamera/Output/
    2. Within each datasets:
    Output_sd folder has the obj file with texture, see more detail in this post
    Camera folder has scanning log
    3. If you can’t see the data files through windows explorer, here are some workarounds
    a. Reboot Huawei M3. The files should be visible in windows explorer after reboot.
    b. Use adb (Android Debug Bridge). If you are an Android developer, the most easy way to transfer face models from Huawei M3 to PC is using adb
    i. Add the path of adb.exe to the environment path
    ii. Run adb pull /storage/emulated/0/Bellus3d/FaceCamera/Output/ /the/dst/path/ to pull all face models to a PC
    c. Use third party software.
    i. Install MyPhoneExplorer.
    ii. Run MyPhoneExplorer, click Internal storage on the left side under Files.
    iii. Change directory to /storage/emulated/0/Bellus3d/FaceCamera/Output/
    iv. Select files (Ctrl + left click).
    v. Click download icon to download selected datasets.

    4. Troubleshooting
    Find scan log file in Internal Storage/Bellus3d/FaceCamera/Output/<dataset>/Camera/headScanning.log
    Find process log file in Internal Storage/Bellus3d/FaceCamera/Output/<dataset>/Output_sd/headProcessor.log
    Report bugs:
        We will invite you to join this developer forum so that you can create a post under bug report category to report any bugs you caught during testing. Please describe the bug in detail especially how to reproduce it.

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